State Water Resources Control Board

  • Opposed the Grazing Regulatory Action Project
  • Instrumental in adding verbiage to SB4 to minimize any new monitoring water wells and decrease costs for growers.
  • Supported the increased export Delta pumping proposed by the State Bureau of Reclamation and the CA Department of Water resources.
  • Supported the Emergency Drought Relief Act.
  • Supported increased funding for water storage projects in Prop One.


Developed a Irrigation Efficiency Program with the NRCS to assist growers upgrade their irrigation systems. Over $800,000 was used by Kern County growers.


  • Supported AB590, extending funding for Delano’s biomass plant, Covanta .
  • Support new ideas for biomass that are cost efficient and beneficial.


  • Commented on behalf of 22,000 agricultural acres in Indian Wells Valley opposing rezoning to non-agricultural.
  • Host an annual Spray Safe conference, educating more than 400 growers on the most up-to-date health and safety regulations
  • Partnered with Water Association of Kern County, distributing thousands of table tents to restaurants promoting water conservation.
  • Working with Department of Pesticide Regulations and the Kern County Superintendent of Schools to keep pesticide usage the safest practice in the state.
    Working with Environmental Health Department and Fire Department to minimize cost and flexible timing to improve fuel tanks.